How much money you can make from camming

When it comes to working on cam, one of the biggest questions that models have is how much money can you make as a webcam performer? Well, the reality is that there are some expenses you have to consider, so perhaps the better question to keep in mind is, “How much will you be spending?” Luckily, the overhead really isn’t all that much: high speed internet, basic electricity, your computer and cam plus your hosting site fees, often known as a subscription. Most of these expenses that comprise your overhead are expenses you might already be paying. Hosting site or cam platform fees will be deducted from your pay.

Also, for the latter, all of a particular live cam platform’s fees are usually included in your subscription, so luckily, there’s not a whole lot of math involved with that, which is helpful when you’re starting out. The good thing about all of this is that the operating costs usually aren’t that high, so your net take home income should be pretty good. This is probably why so many live models dedicate a good chunk of their work to webcamming. Even though it seems like easy money, it’s still a business, so planning a budget and keeping your overhead as low as possible should be an imperative part of your success as a webcam model. Remember that while you might be having a lot of fun working as a cam model, not to lose focus on the business side. The business side is equally important.

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