Advice from Cam Superstar Mistress Nylons

work on webcam advice

If you want to start working as a webcam model, be sure to read a few tips from a recent chat with Mistress Anna, one of the best webcam Mistresses. I asked her to share some tips that would help women looking to break into the cam biz. She was kind enough to advise a few important details crucial for cam performers to start their careers.

First, you will need a decent computer, laptop, tablet on a stand or a regular PC. Second, you will need a good internet connection, preferably high bandwidth DSL, high speed fiber optic, a cable internet connection or secure wifi. You will struggle to host a session with an internet usb stick. Third, you will need to have a good webcam built in to your computer or you will need to buy a separate webcam. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the actual webcam to start. But if you don’t have a quality visual presentation, you will not attract clientele.”

Anna also gave some specific advice re: conducting cam shows: Establish a unique persona. BE LIVELY, be loose, fun, enjoy talking to people, be interesting, always stay positive and never focus on money. Don’t let money be a distraction because members watching you will notice and your overall impression will appear desperate. Use a mic, talk to clients, move, dance, never be still! If you stick to these tips you will be a very successful cam model!

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BBW Cam Performers Make Big Money

We get lots of emails from women who are looking to pursue a webcam model career. These emails usually include questions which we either answer personally or discuss here on our blog. We receive recurring emails from women asking if there is a market for BBW Cam Girls. The answer is yes! There is a huge market (no pun intended) for BBWs on cam. The top clips on the most popular clips site right now are BBW clips. Some of the top BBW and SSBBW cam performers make at least a thousand dollars a week on webcam. These plus sized cam girls also sell clips including custom clips and sell personal items like used panties, bras or socks. Some of the hottest BBW cam performers don’t even do live sex shows, but appeal to the BBW fetishists who want to see their chubby bodies, watch them eat, talk about food and watch chubby girls break things with their bulk. You don’t have to be a Playboy model lookalike to be a successful webcam performer. As we have emphasized before on our blog, you only need to have the basic equipment to start camming (from a technical aspect) and an idea of how to market yourself on the cam site(s) you choose to work from. If you’re a BBW, then it’s obvious to market yourself as a BBW performer. There are plenty of FA’s (fat admirers) online. Be sure to research all the unique niche fetishes within the overall BBW fetish.

Why Become a Cam Model?

Many cam models enjoy the flexibility of working from home. They also like setting their own hours and essentially running their own business. Using one of the top cam platforms or several webcam platforms allows a live model to gain wide exposure to potential clients and to potentially earn a living as a live webcam show performer. In addition to webcam revenue, many cam models also sell photos and videos, personal items such as panties as well as accept tips and online gift certificates. It is definitely recommended to offer items to sell to clients. This obviously can generate increased revenue. Remember, as a cam model, you will only be online and available for a given number of hours per day or night. Having other items to sell will be like having a store that is open 24/7. In addition, some clients may not be in position to view a live sex show, but might like to buy and download some titillating pictures or video clips on their phone or computer. Or they might be waiting for you to finish a cam session and will buy a video or two to keep them excited until you become available.

Some webcam models like not having a boss! Webcam models are often savvy and independent. Others needs to work from home due to financial or economic constraints. This might be the case for models who live in areas where there is a job shortage. Or there might be a lack of good-paying jobs that meet their level of skill or experience. There are many reasons to become a cam model. Most cam platforms now offer models the ability to block their own country or state in which they live, so they don’t have to worry about exposure to people they might know who could possibly see them working on a webcam site.

Cam Girl Social Media Self Promotion

Many webcam models have emailed us to say that they are not doing as many cam shows or making as much money as they used to. They are wondering what to do about this issue. We have found that most of the models reporting a down-trend in shows and income work on mainly one site or, at the most, two sites. And more importantly, we found that they don’t self-promote. The cam platform you choose to work on as a cam model can only bring you so much traffic and revenue. You must promote yourself to your clients and bring in new clients with creative self promotion. Social media is the cheapest, meaning free in most cases, way to promote yourself. If you don’t have a Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, professional Facebook fan page, blog or use one of the popular clips sites to market sample cam clips, you are missing out on ways to drive traffic to your cam and to make more money.

In any business environment, you have to adapt and overcome a decline in sales. You can’t expect that “things will pick up”. You are your best asset and you are harming your business if you do not spend time every day you set aside to working on cam, to promote yourself as well. Rethink your strategy as a cam performer now!

Free Cam Sites – Boom or Bust

Free cam sites are trending right now and many cam models are working on these popular platforms. But the question is – are these free cam sites boom or bust for the performers? What is attracting cam models to work on “free” cam sites? Basically, the free cam sites make money by selling “currency” tokens to clients to tip toward performers. Performers can then cash out the platform’s currency in their preferred payment form. The free cam sites permit performers to broadcast live without going private and permit performers to broadcast risque shows. The cam girls (or cam couples, cam shemales, cam guys) will solicit tokens from viewers enticing the viewers to tip more to see more (nudity or sex acts or even crazy acts like wild body painting). Performers typically have the option of going fully private with a client as well.

Making money on a free cam site requires more creativity and marketing than working on a traditional cam site. A performer can cultivate fans, fans who will be loyal and tip well or fans who will populate their chat rooms and make the performers look very popular. Some performers have migrated from traditional cam sites to the free cam sites and have found more success and higher income. If this appeals to you, it’s very easy to investigate the free cam sites by cruising the different performers’ live chat rooms to see their unique approach. Many of these cam models use social media to promote themselves and highlight their availability. The free cam sites have revolutionized the webcam industry. You owe it to yourself as a cam performer to check into them and see if going “free” might be a move you should make. In addition, some of the free cam sites do not take a percentage of your earnings. Read the terms and conditions of any site before signing up to be a webcam model. You might have higher personal earnings if you work “free” than having to sacrifice a percentage to the traditional cam platforms.

Pirated Cam Shows

Cam models are always concerned about their shows being taped and uploaded to the free tube sites or other pirate sites where users can download their shows for free. There are several ways to combat this type of piracy. The first way is to install software that runs a “crawl line” at the bottom of the screen which states your cam name and the platform you work on, so that if your shows are taped and uploaded to a pirate site, you can send DMCA notices for takedown. The other way is to use a background where your name and the platform you work on are poster-ized. You can find screen printing companies online that can print these poster sized images for you and will ship them to you. The expense is worth it, because cam models have found that when they take steps to deter this type of piracy, that they are not victimized as frequently as girls who don’t.

There are always going to be d*cks who will tape shows and use them for their own amusement or to share on torrents or tubes. Unfortunately, the attitude of free porn entitlement has taken over the internet. Your paying customers are valuable. If you have trusted paying customers who don’t like seeing these images on the screen or in the background, by all means, don’t utilize them with trusted clients. But using these tactics show those who might otherwise intend to tape your live sex shows, that you are serious about your cam show business and that most likely you would follow through with asserting your rights over your media.

Non Nude Cam Shows

Yes, there are women who do non nude cam shows. I know it might be hard to believe, but many women are successful with performing in cosplay attire, furries costumes, evening gowns and retro glamour wear, shiny bikini teases, dominatrix gear, schoolgirl outfits and more. You can see that the trend here is fetish wear, but some of these cam performers never go nude and are quite popular. How do they do it? We interviewed a cam performer from Prague anonymously about how successful she is as a “cam courtesan”. We hope this will give you some tips on performing as a non nude webcam model.

My name is Miroslava, I perform under my nickname Mirka. I call myself a cam courtesan. I wear only decadent old evening gowns, long opera-length gloves and heels. I sit or recline on a 100 year old velvet sofa. I speak excellent English and have conversation only cam with men around the world, men in the Middle East, UK, America and more countries. They enjoy speaking with an intelligent beautiful woman. In addition to my cam shows, I receive many tips and gifts. I can support myself doing these cam shows. I am able to help my family with all the money I make. I bought an apartment before the real estate boom in Prague raised prices. I take a vacation every summer with my family that I pay for, to the Black Sea. I bought my mum and dad a washer and drier (it is a single unit from Italy, it was 1.000 euros) for their apartment. And I bought a family car that can be used by anyone in the family on a schedule we keep track. I used to work for a cam studio but it was very difficult. I had to go full nude, penetrate all holes with sex toys and the sex toys in the studio were shared by the girls so I refused to use them. I am very happy that I am making this money and I have no regrets. Certainly no one would refuse to marry me which I hope will be in my future, I am 28.